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'Invest' in an Odd Lloyd Wright Home with Tiger-Stripe Carpets

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A home by Frank Lloyd Wright's son Lloyd Wright is up for sale in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Along with 12 surrounding acres marketed as prime spots for new developments, the asking price for the 6,000-square-foot home is $5.9M. Referred to on its website with the dual titles of Bird's Song and Birdsong, the home was designed in 1960 for a site in the nearby town of Edina, but built on this one in 1966, three years after Lloyd Wright designed his last home. When the new lot was chosen, Wright's plans were "provided" to an architect named Donald E. Mustad, whose precise role in carrying out the project is unclear.

The partially stepped and pyramidal roof is trademark Lloyd Wright, as is the very angled layout. The interior crenellations in front of the recessed lights are also in keeping with his "Mayan-esque" aesthetic. Changes to the home include "solid walnut/ebony wood cabinetry, bathroom updates, epoxy garage floors," and intercom and security systems. The addition of "custom carpeting" is a polite way to refer to the tiger-striped floor of one room, which is sure to strike many as nothing short of wiggity wack, but leaving aside such eccentricities, the home does seem to be in good condition. It's got a "6-8 person sauna," a few large patios, and a very odd "old room" finished with "barn wood on the walls and vaulted beamed ceilings with a massive vintage brick fireplace." It's very hard to imagine Wright including such a space in his original design. The current owners, who are in their eighties, use it as a taxidermy den.

The home comes on 12 fenced-in, landscaped acres of "impeccable manicured lawn with two ponds and a one acre man-made lake surrounded mature trees," where "sightings of deer, ducks, geese, and other wildlife" are said to occur on the reg. Other features on the lot include "two underground wells," a "12-zone 300 head sprinkler system," a clay tennis court, a horse barn, and some statues, fountains, and gardens. The marketing team touts the place as a major "investment opportunity," and has taken the liberty of demarcating 10 potential "luxury home sites" on the land. Hence the price.