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This Garden Studio is Covered in 2,000 Hand-Painted Shingles

And so the "shoffice" (an only mildly terrible term that smooshes together "shed" and "office") trend marches ever-onward; the latest being this simple but meticulously crafted backyard studio by Amsterdam-based firm Serge Schoemaker Architects. The 320-square-foot freestanding structure assumes an odd, elongated shape in order to fit the footprint of a narrow garden and, to blend in with its surroundings, this shoffice is clad in some 2,000 red cedar shingles, each sanded and painted by hand and then individually mounted onto the structure. In sharp contrast to the mostly dark and rough exterior, a few floor-length glass windows light up the minimalist, birch-plywood-bedecked interiors. Like the many outdoorsy writer's cabins that came before it, Bussum Garden Studio looks like just about the perfect place to start that book of essays you've been mulling over.

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