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Arts Commission Says Fuck It, Let's Just Make This Gehry Thing

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A modified version of Frank Gehry's controversial design for D.C.'s Eisenhower Memorial has been cleared by the Commission of Fine Arts, which was basically just like "fuck it, sure." With the last preliminary design hurdle out of the way, the Eisenhower Memorial Comission is eyeing a 2015 groundbreaking for the memorial, reports the Washington Business Journal. Though it's unclear if the commission will be able to raise the tens of millions of dollars it needs for the project, the hope is, now that a design has been approved, Congress will say "fuck it," too.

All this coming just weeks after the Eisenhower family requested the design be scrapped altogether and Gehry threatened to respond to further alterations by having his name removed could be a lesson in compromise. What's actually on display is a much more effective driver of progress in America: a collective reluctance to have to go through this whole fucking thing again.

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