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The Rest of Truro's Days' Cottages Hit the Market

Earlier this week, we wrote about three of Truro's iconic Days' Cottages hitting the market. Now, the trio - Daisy, Phlox and Poppy - have been joined by their florally-named siblings/neighbors. Well, most of them anyway. Not surprisingly, buyers have already plucked two of the 22 beachfront listings. To refresh, the Days family has run the spread as three-season rentals for over eight decades and although the sale will result in individual ownership (as condos) for the first time, "the look of the property is protected by town and condominium covenants and can never be altered." Owner Joe Days told WBUR, that's a "good thing" and also explained the family's reason for selling:

"We're not getting any younger. My wife and I would like to get on to the next phase of our life." This is actually the second time the diminutive digs at 276 Shore Road have been on the market, but obviously, the attempt in 2006 didn't work out. These days, Gregg Russo, the realtor for the flower cottages "expects half will be gone within a week and plans to close all sales at the beginning of next year." Sounds likely at the rate they're going. Meanwhile, here are the adorable façades of the rest of the $399,000 420-square-footers (Daisy, unit 1, is $409,000 and Wistaria, unit 23, is $429,000) from left-to-right/west-to-east.

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