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Richard Neutra's Splendidly Restored Wirin House Wants $4.5M

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Portrait photographer Mark Seliger is poised to put a 1949 home by modernist architect Richard Neutra on the market. Seliger, who made a name for himself in the '90s with the iconic portraits he took for Rolling Stone (think naked Red Hot Chili Peppers and pensive Kurt Cobain) bought the home in a pretty shabby state a decade ago for $1.575M, hiring designer Mark Haddaway to restore it. Now, the LA Times reports that Seliger wants to sell the Wirin House for $4.5M.

This latest in a long list of homes by the influential Austrian-American architect to head to market has 2,262 square feet of habitable space, warm wood ceilings, balconies overlooking a pool, and a level of built-in seats that could be described as "off the chain." (Fun fact: it's neighbors with Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House.) Here's a few photos from after the restoration:

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