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Philippe Starck's Pre-Fab Prototype is as Pretty as Promised

More than a year ago design bigwig Philippe Starck presented plans for his take on the ever-popular pre-fab housing trend. The images were lovely, showing off a sturdy glass box enshrouded in greenery. Still, renderings are one matter, things that are, you know, actually built can be quite another. Unveiled this week in Paris, Starck's first "Pre-fabricated Accessible Technology Home (P.A.T.H.)" is a two-story structure with a largely glass façade—and it's pretty beautiful.

As promised by the initial renderings, the prototype comes with a rooftop wind turbine and a swimming pool under the deck, along with some slick touches like venetian blinds controlled by an iPad app. Designed in collaboration with Slovenian construction company Riko, the rest of Starck's pre-fab line would include other one- and two-story homes that come in a variety of materials and roof types, as well as 34 different floor plans, all ranging from 1,500 to 3,800 square feet. Those interested in ordering their own eco-friendly Starck house can expect to pony up between $300 and $540 per square foot—which puts a mid-range model at around $1 million, so definitely not all that affordable. Delivery turnaround will be around six months.

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