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This is What Happens When a Nomadic Designer Settles Down

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After Belgian-born interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet got a taste of life in Italy, Portugal, and Turkey, he eventually decided to touch down in a historic building in Mexico City—that was 20 years ago. More recently, Architectural Digest España spotlighted Kinet's home in its current state, which is essentially a glorious explosion of colors and textures. In just the few photos below, you can see that each room has its own personality. The living room has an eclectic mix of old European and modern influences; wireframe interpretations of rocker chairs mix right in with a golden bust and other ornate accents. One bedroom, on the other hand, is all about indigo and rough-cut wood. There are simply too many intriguing objects to zoom into throughout the home, but Kinet told Freunde von Freunden that some of his favorites include paintings that repeat the word "Taller" (which he created as a therapeutic response to guys shouting "Taller, taller!" outside his house all day) and a plastic German music box he bought in a museum of mechanical instruments.

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