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John Legend Lists Midcentury Gem Featured in Arch Digest

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A year and a half after musician John Legend gushed about his 1960s Hollywood Hills house in Architectural Digest, raving that it "has all the qualities I strive for in my own work," he's pushed all those exposed beams and large windows onto the market for $1.995M. Legend and his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, are, in his words, "ready to expand a little bit," hoping to swap out the three bedroom—fun fact: Legend turned one of those bedrooms into a studio, where he wrote and recorded much of his current album—for something "twice as big." Despite the fact that he's hoping to unload it all, Legend has made it clear how much the dude just loves this place. In comparing it to his music, he's says it's "subtle and beautiful, but it packs a modern punch." He told the WSJ it has "an Asian temple kind of vibe to it," with a Thai village scene etched into their entry gate, and a private garden with—contented sigh—a basalt bathtub and pond.

Back when he was looking for his first L.A. house with his then new wife, the All of Me crooner gravitated toward low-slung spreads of the Rat Pack era: "we wanted to feel right not only for us but also for this city," he told AD. In the first few months of ownership, they handed the place over to designer Don Stewart who incorporated, per Arch Digest copy, "deft layering of materials both rugged and refined."

Legend told the WSJ "If we could have the twice-as-big version of this place, we would get it. We love the feel of this home."

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