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Watch the American Living Room Morph Through the Decades

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A new ad campaign from home appliances giant Philips aimed to show off its "revolutionary" new lighting product, but the video is actually much better at illustrating how drastically our living room decor has changed over the course of the last century. We see old-fashioned bookcases give way to sleek, white shelving systems, rotary phones adapting more modern shapes and colors until they disappear altogether, plus the arrival of the flatscreen TV, vacuum, and bean bags.
Sure, it's not as crazy as some of Ikea's famously ludicrous video campaigns (take, for example, the dearth of human-sized animated toys and acrobats), but it's fun to time-travel nonetheless.

The Video:

· Philips hue – How many years does it take to change a light bulb? [Youtube via Sploid]