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Media Mogul Ted Turner is Selling Off an Island Full of Squirrels

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Loudmouth media mogul, mustachioed land baron, bison fanatic, and Captain Planet co-creator Ted Turner, who owns over 2 million acres of land spread across 12 states, is looking to sell off 4,680 of them. Turner has put a private island off the coast of South Carolina on the market for $23,777,000.

Turner purchased St. Phillips Island in 1979, and has used it as a family retreat over the years. The island has two dwellings on it: a roughly 3,800-square-foot main house (pictured below with a bunch of dead fish on the walls) and a caretaker's cabin. The island is water and energy self-sufficient, according to the Wall Street Journal, and is protected by a Nature Conservancy easement capping the construction of additional residences at 10.

The island is currently inhabited by a bunch of Southern fox squirrels the Turner Endangered Species Fund moved there in order to boost the population. Through a spokesperson, Turner tells the Journal he's selling because he doesn't use the property enough. Presumably, he still gets enough use out of the rest of the land he owns, which has a total area larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

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