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Hey Skiers, Now's the Time to Buy That $25M Ski Chalet

Alright all you one percenters out there, get your pocketbooks ready. According to the just-released annual Prime Ski Property Index issued by Knight Frank, spending millions of dollars on a ski chalet is a sound financial investment.

Ski homes in 20 resorts worldwide have shown an annual growth rate of almost 6%, but the highest growth rates weren't in Europe this year. If you're looking to make a buck in real estate, head to New Zealand's Queenstown or Aspen, Colorado where growth rates of 24.8% and 20.7% (respectively) topped the charts. By comparison, European markets only increased by an average 1% overall.

As luxury home buyers age out of the market, more and more buyers look to make their investments in regions with year-around appeal. Morzine, located in the French Alps, combines the mountain life with long-term growth appeal, offering summer mountain biking, Tour de France viewing, and even football (soccer for all of you "amis" out there). And with a growth rate of 6.7% and relatively low prices ($1.2 million will get you roughly 1,500 square feet here versus 540 square feet in top-of-the-bracket Courcheval), Morzine is priced right.

One of the reasons ski chalets are so profitable is the potential for rental income. So what do the top 1% of the 1% rent when they head on vacation? $25 million super chalets with 7,000 square feet in crazy-awesome locations, like the top of Courcheval. If you're in the market to rent a super chalet properties, check out Alpine Guru and search by location, size, and commodity. Options include the super-sized Chalet Edelweiss which comes with its own private night club.

To sum up, ski properties are hot, hot, hot among the obscenely rich; the global economy is on the mend, there is increased interest from international investors (many from China, India, and Indonesia), prices are on the rise, and everyone wants in.
-By Tara Tubb

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