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Prison Employee Fired for Subletting 'Very Secure' Jail Home

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Behold the real estate listing that somehow balances security and price, without compromising a honed minimalist aesthetic. It seems the assistant head of detention in the sleepy French town of Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône listed his quiet family home for sublet—located as it is inside the walls of the town's prison. The ad, which reads "Luxury house to rent. €75 a night, €450 a week," assures future tenants that the home, which went for the equivalent of $570 a week, is a "very secure residence."

The officer actually gave his subletters both a badge and key code access to the building, resulting in a swift firing when the rest of the prison staff noticed people aimlessly wandering around the complex. The best/worst part: the whole time he and his family were living in the garage of the place he was subletting. Dad of the year?

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