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3D Map of Big Sky Shows Off Lone Peak's Epic Steeps

Check out this cool map of Big Sky from 3DSkiMap™, a website that aims to match skiers with the best trails for their ability. The yellow and red areas show the steepest parts of the mountain, while the green and blue coloring corresponds to the easier trails. And the steepest of the steep at Big Sky is Lone Peak Mountain, which tops out at 11,166 feet and has been served by the Lone Peak Tram since the 1995-1996 ski season. There are plenty of "no-fall" zones on this mountain, so take a look and plan the death-defying trails you want to ski this season.

Per the 3D map website:

"A 3dSkiMap is a 3-dimensional model of a ski area with an image overlay having the steepness or slope of each point coded with a color from a graduated scale, with green designating the least amount of slope, changing gradually through blue, to red, to yellow which designates the highest amount of slope. An orthographic aerial photo of the ski area overlays on top of that to show the location of wooded and impassable areas, as well as man made features. The overall effect is to give the user a general idea of the steepness of an area at a glance, and to give a clear picture of the changes in steepness of a particular trail or piste."

Here's the full 3D map of Big Sky (click to expand):

And here's the normal trail map:

Eastern Exposure:

Northern Exposure:

Southern Exposure:

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