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Remote Former Schoolhouse Inspired by 'Chalk' and Naiveté

After getting their hands on this 99-year-old house on one of Canada's rugged Magdalen Islands, a Quebeçois couple recruited the innovative cottage experts at YH2 Architects to convert the place from a one-room schoolhouse into a gorgeous vacation home. Designed in a style inspired by the small beach cabanas used for changing on the island, the interiors shine a light on the original pine wood interior.
The architects found a false ceiling during renovations, and thus created a 35-foot vaulted ceiling for the living room (which is decorated with a large chalkboard) and kitchen, as well as built a lofted office space. The house was once yellow, but the owners were looking for a new color that was "spectacular but not vulgar," one of them told Dwell. The cerulean blue they eventually chose was "inspired by the sea, the sky, and…a child's chalk," according to the architect Marie-Claude Hamelin. "The architecture on the islands is rather naïve, so we wanted to evoke that childlike quality in the color."

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