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Remodeled 1950s Idyll in Suburban Houston Asks $2.9M

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Location: Houston, Texas
Price: $2,895,000
The Skinny: Designed in 1956, in the early days of the Tanglewood neighborhood of Houston, Texas, this five-bedroom home was recently remodeled with "amazing architectural elements from Chateau Dominigue," a local importer of antique European building materials. That's where the limestone tiles, stone mantels, and antique wood beams came from, which look pretty nice, and would look even better if the rest of the interior weren't so whitewashed. The .87-acre site is apparently one of the largest in this upscale subdivision, the implication being that there's "plenty of room to expand" on the 6,850 square feet already there. Bought last December for $2,795,000, this very picturesque suburban dwelling is back on the market after less than a year asking $2,895,000.

· 5428 Sturbridge Drive [Sotheby's]