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Strange Architecture Promo Blames House for Failed Marriage

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Now here's a bizarre way to promote a design project: Brazilian firm Studio MK27 (yes, the same firm that once promoted a project by following a cat around a building) has created an ominous black-and-white short film to accompany the promotional materials of its "Redux House," a quintessential modern home composed of concrete slabs, glass, and wood. As the video begins its close-up on the house, the narrator, a very, very bitter man, laments about how this home (with all straight lines and zero ornaments) was never his dream. Whereas he wanted a neoclassical abode with some history attached, the home that actually got built was all to the delight of Susannah, his now ex-wife.

The film then follows a female figure (Susannah!) around every crevasse of the house while the narrator uncovers all the ways the house destroyed his marriage. "Susannah never had as much passion for me as she now has for those straight lines," he gripes in deep, dulcet tones. According to the designers, this entirely fictional story was created to highlight how human relationships can transform and be transformed by architecture. Still, fabricating a kind of weirdly sad narrative to sell the promise of your design seems a bit ... odd.

The Video:

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