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$65M Historic Mansion is Miami's Most Expensive Listing

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A 17,000-square-foot historic mansion dating to the 1920s has hit the market in Miami for $65M, making it the city's priciest listing. Naturally, it's represented by same real estate agent who listed America's most expensive property, a $139M spectacle with a 22-carat gold leaf entry gate, also in Florida. This comparatively modest nine-bedroom mansion in the affluent Coconut Grove neighborhood comes with 6.9 acres of "mature landscaping," a private port that accommodates a 70-foot yacht, and a lot of charming original woodwork, including exposed ceiling beams and wooden balconies.

It's not Miami's most expensive listing ever—those honors go to Gianni Versace's over-the-top Casa Casuarina, listed for $125M before getting a bunch of PriceChops and selling at auction a year later for just $41.5M—but this place does have a guest cottage and a four-car garage in a converted coach house. Oh, and there's a bit of policy history here: original owner Kirk Munroe, who was deeded the land in 1886, introduced the first animal protection legislation in Florida's history after an injured manatee washed onto his property. Hopefully the oligarch who buys this will also be an advocate for manatees (or at least be careful when parking the yacht).

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