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For $16M, Smoke a Cigar and Ponder Atlanta's Worst Ceilings

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Some houses look better—lovelier or more comfortable—the longer one looks at them. Others spark the opposite reaction: curiosity, confusion, then a double-take at the location and/or price tag, and then horror at the crimes human beings can commit against innocent ceilings. This nine-bedroom, 11-bathroom (plus four fractional bathrooms) Atlanta house falls into the latter category—even if some of the early listing shots make one think of a French Chateau. The listing prose hints at amenities not glimpsed in the photos: a cigar room, two gyms, seven kitchens, recording studio, "wellness center," and nail and hair salon. Curbed Atlanta points out that the house has undergone a $4M PriceChop—to the current price of $15.9M—a decrease that probably surprised only the sellers.

· 490 W Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA [Coldwell Banker Atlanta]
· Contemplating ATL's Gaudiest Bathrooms at $15.9M Manse [Curbed Atlanta]