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Tiger Wood's Ex Used Settlement to Build a Golf Course House

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For regular people, break-ups mean doing things like calling up your ex's mom crying, stealing lawn ornaments, sitting in a car outside of their house, poking voodoo dolls, and keeping records of conversations for future court cases. Rich people are different. If you are Elin Nordegren, former wife of golf star Tiger Woods and generally beautiful Swedish person, then breaking up means a $100M divorce settlement. Nordegren tore down a historic house, bought in 2011 for $12.2M, on her Palm Beach property to essentially build the same exact house with more amenities and huge golf course. TMZ actually titled its article, "Hey Tiger... Keep Your Balls Out of Here." Poetry.

Nordegren has also outfitted her house with a theater, a swimming pool, a cabana, two bunkers (let's not address that now), and a guest house to complement her nine-bedroom sprawling house. We're assuming that Tiger will not be invited over to throw the pigskin around—or whatever metaphor about sports is appropriate here.

See that terrace on the highest summit of Nordegren's miniature Versailles house? That's where she will stand and laugh at all of us for deigning to once feel bad for her. Presumably.

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