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Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster Have Wacky New Plans for China

British architects Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster will soon be offering more starchitect-designed hotels to the world's ever-growing index, having been chosen to design two of three new luxury resorts in China. Hadid's project, which is expected to open in Nanjing in 2016, features two tall, highly-reflective oblique towers guarding a low-rise monochrome blob—a signature move for the designer, who's love for curvy, alien-y forms and exposed exoskeletal structures is known far and wide.

Foster's hotel design will be built in Wuhan and will incorporate offices, shops, and apartments. Scheduled to open in 2020, the complex design looks like a sprawling field of straightforward glassy high rises, spiced up only by the occasional leafy terrace. A third resort in Haikou, to be completed by Malaysian "hotel specialist" Denniston International, appears to be a series of boxy private villas. Judging by the renderings, none of these new projects looks like it'll offend the Chinese president's wish for an end to "weird architecture"—even the Zaha compound is at least exactly what one would expect from her.

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