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WWI Soldier's Bedroom Hasn't Been Touched in a Century

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Almost a hundred years ago, a soldier named Hubert Rochereau left home to join the French army during World War I, and though Rochereau never returned (he died after fighting in Belgium), his very determined parents have managed to preserve his bedroom exactly as it was the day he left. When Rochereau's parents did sell the house in 1936, they made sure a clause in the deed stipulated that the room would be left untouched for 500 years, and so far, the current owner of the home has honored the request. Today, the room understandably shows obvious signs of decay, but everything Rochereau left behind, from his feathered helmet and pistol collection to his moth-eaten military jacket and cavalry spurs, are fascinating flashbacks to the WWI era and a phenomenal tribute to the fallen soldier.

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