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Skispotter: Mt. Mansfield Chairlift in Stowe, Vermont

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Well done, Curbediverse; one of you aced round 6 of our weekly trivia contest, citing this popular New England resort's first chairlift, which resided on the tallest mountain in the state.

The answer is the Mt. Mansfield single chair, which was installed at Stowe Mountain Resort in 1940 for a cool $90,000 at the summit of Vermont's highest peak, which tops out at 4,395 feet.

At the time, it was the considered the highest and longest lift in the world, at at 6,330 feet in length and 2,030 feet in vertical. It was torn down in 1986, and eventually replaced by a high-speed Dopplmayr lift called the Forerunner Quad. Tune in for next week's Skispotter, and don't forget to send us your photos or ideas.

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