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This David Chipperfield Store Remixes One by Marcel Breuer

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Swiss accessories brand Bally has a long history of commissioning stores from big-name architects, including Le Corbusier, Karl Moser, and Robert Mallet-Stevens. To create the interior of a location on London's New Bond Street, British architect David Chipperfield took inspiration from a Bally store Hungarian-born architect and furniture designer Marcel Breuer created in the 1920s.

Chipperfield, who has been really into starting dialogues with modernist masters as of late, told Dezeen that Breuer's store presents a "very particular typology. It's different to other stores. And when you looked at those there were hundreds of boxes on the walls, and there were lots of chairs where people would be sat down, and there were lots of shoes." Here's what it looked like:

And here's more shots of Chipperfield's, where the shoeboxes are burgundy, and slotted panels form the backdrop for shoe displays:

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