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Colorfully Done-Up Delaware Estate Dates Back to 1740

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Location: Smyrna, Delaware
Price: $1,175,000
The Skinny: Like Dylan's goofy picaresque ballads, this estate in Smyrna, Delaware, mixes eras all over the place. You've got a lot of updated but historically rooted spaces—check the herringbone floors in the formal dining room, the columns and french doors in the less-than-formal (but still pretty fancy) one, or the accented ceilings and crown moldings in both—and then there's rooms like the theater or the studio space in the guest barn, which went a bit off the rails in search of modernity. The original section of this handsome chimera was built in 1740, and there was a large addition in 1800, which features like the timber beams in the stone-heavy den date back to.

There have been smaller updates and additions since then, but features like the fireplace in the sitting room have been maintained. As of a recent renovation, the space leads into an expanded master bedroom with two wood-burning fireplaces, and if the listing tells it true, two full baths. On 13 acres with a detached two-car garage and a pond, this 6,276-square-foot emblem of "refined country living," painted in a broad spectrum of bright, B&B-ish colors, wants a reduced $1,175,000M.

1072 Massey Church Road [Zillow; MOHO]