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Take a Tour of Frank Gehry's Much-Ballyhooed Paris Museum

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Funded by the richest man in France, carried by twelve billowing glass sails, and heralded by Louis Vuitton window displays and a glowing review in Vanity Fair, Frank Gehry's Fondation Louis Vuitton has arrived with more hoopla than any building in recent memory. Already gazed upon its "wind wings" in awe, have you? Here's what it looks like underneath that crystal carapace.

Gehry, who claims that his museum designs are hated by museum directors and beloved by artists, on the basis that the latter are sick of presenting their works in the "intrusive" "purity" of stark white rooms, also designed a museum in Panama that just had its big debut. The tour of this one begins with the auditorium, which is currently hung with color panels by American painter Ellsworth Kelly:

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