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In Paris, an Orange Comic-Book Starburst Meets a 1950s Villa

French-Portuguese artist and architect Didier Faustino, best known for his experimental built works, has installed an exploding "Kablam!"-style starburst at the entrance of the 1950s abode of French sculptor and architecture persona André Bloc. The curving concrete and stone house in Paris, called La Maison Bloc, has been a historic monument since 1983. The property has two "sculpture cockpits" in the garden; artists have been invited to create artworks in and around the monumental "cockpits" for the last 26 years. In addition to the starbursts, Faustino also has a light installation called "Nowhere Somewhere" inside, alongside an echoing soundscape of whispering voices called "Trust Me." Bloc's original idea for the space was to explore "the synthesis between architecture and sculpture in a free form." Mission accomplished.

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