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Inside This Rundown Detroit Bank is a Very Stylish House

Over in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, an extreme makeover over a year in the making is wrapping up, and with it, one can now add "desolate bank" to the long list of unexpected buildings that have transformed into fabulous homes. Despite its graffiti'd exterior, the enterprising folks who snagged up this former bank building last year clearly recognized its many gifts, like the sky-high ceilings and those grand arched windows. With determination and probably a ton of money, the originally 2,200-square-foot space now boasts an extra 800 square feet with the addition of a loft. The central interior space has been outfitted in mod furniture in a subdued black-grey-orange palette. Still, remnants of shabbier times (such as exposed cement walls) remain.

See what it looks like inside.>>