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Abandoned Japanese Strip Club Really Misses the Glory Days

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Along a remote mountain road in northern Okayama, there's a weathered, boxy structure burrowed right in the woodlands—and it's got a secret. Intrepid Australian photographer Shane Thoms recently stepped inside the place, and found a decrepit strip club that retains all the ostentatiousness of its glory days. According to Thoms, "hanging out in this psychedelic time capsule was like stepping into the aftermath of a '70's New Years Eve party (that never got cleaned up)." The venue, called Sightseeing Theatre, contains two strip halls (and a lot of red stools), a hall of small windowless dressing rooms, a greasy kitchen and office area, and as Thoms unwittingly discovered, a large colony of bats. The rest of the interior is littered with flashy streamers and lanterns up top, and broken glass and other trinkets on the ground. Take a look at Thoms' photos, below.