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Landlocked but Pretty Stylish Hamptons New Build Asks $6.5M

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Location: North Haven, N.Y.
Price: $6,495,000
The Skinny: For the potential Hamptons buyer who doesn't measure real estate value in feet of water frontage—surely this person must exist—here's a newly built North Haven home that has none at all, unless you count the area around the gunite pool. Its primary landscape feature is a 1.68-acre "meadow" in which the 4,500-square-foot main house, 2,076-square-foot guest "tower," and "resort-like pool house" are staged. The listing deems this compound a "fabulous Party Pad" that "can become whatever your heart desires," and that is indeed the light in which it's best considered.

Counting the guest house, there are a total of seven bedrooms, which means you, a posh Manhattanite, can bring six members of your posh Manhattanite peer group out for the weekend, and wow them with how your tasteful new weekend retreat combines nautical wall sconces, barn-style door hinges, and bare metal ceiling beams, a mixture for which neither "contemporary elegance" nor "old world Hampton character" is quite appropriate, but is nonetheless pretty stylish for a new home in the Hamptons.

· 28 & 29 Payne Avenue [Corcoran]