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The 36 Weirdest Proposals for the Guggenheim Helsinki

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While it remains to be seen whether Helsinki will actually get a Guggenheim museum, the proposals for the project have been revealed in a rather innovative way. The anonymously submitted designs, of which there are 1,715 from 77 countries, have all been made available for perusal on the competition's website, and in Pinterest-y fashion, you can even save a list of favorites and share them with your friends. Cool, right? Let's take this occasion to look at some of the weirdest proposals for the controversial project.

Let it not be suggested that Curbed is an adversary of innovation. By "weird," we by no means mean "bad," although there is some crossover. In selecting these proposals, we have made an effort to draw from the "wow, how cool" and "lol wut" ends of "weird" in equal measure, with a bias toward clear, professional-looking renderings.

Have fun!

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