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Come Rule Over Absolutely Nothing in This 1985 'Castle'

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What you see here may not have the moat or overall pizazz of many European castles (or even spectacularly terrible American ones), but this ivy-covered fortress in rural Tennessee is a castle nonetheless: it's got heavy block walls on the outside, strong brick walls on the inside, and sits atop a secluded 70 acres in the Appalachian Mountains. The couple who bought the property in the 1980s originally wanted to build a replica of the ever-adored Tara house from Gone with the Wind, but somewhere in the process, they changed their mind and went with a castle.

Still, they were able to bring in the main staircase from the Loew's Grand Theatre in Atlanta, where the 1939 classic film premiered. At a moderate 3,526 square feet, this two-bedroom house doesn't have too many bells and whistles, but it does come with its own "dungeon"; the half-bathroom holds a secret room that's only accessible when you push on the wall. The ask: $350K.

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