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For $39M, Donna Karan Will Sell You 70 Percent of Her House

Fashion designer Donna Karan is hoping a very wealthy someone will pay $39M for a large portion—but not all!—of her beachfront property on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Yes, the beach is pristine and the architecture is beyond attractive, but to put things in perspective, $39M will allow you to stay every night for 267 years at one of the paradisiacal island's many $400 a night hotels. Now, Donna, you're a businesswoman—which is a better deal? Also, Christie Brinkley, that former supermodel you probably gab with whilst sipping cocktails on the beach, had to price-chop her own stunning Turks and Caicos property by $1.75M, and even now that it's listed at a comparatively modest $9M, it still hasn't sold! Donna, you do know the hotels all come with breakfast and welcome drinks, right? And just like your property, they probably have three swimming pools.

The seven-acre property for sale (Karan is keeping three acres, a house, a spa, and a few pools for herself) includes two guest villas, each about 3,850 square feet with four bedrooms, a beachfront yoga pavilion, and a "dining pavilion" that can seat twenty. While she will probably miss all the pavilions she's dispensing with, Karan's spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that while she "frequently vacations on the island," she is "selling because the property is more space than she needs." More photos, below:

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