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This Cozy Wire Throne Channels Childhood Pillow Forts

Czech designer Michael Tomalik has created the furniture equivalent of a one-man band's song-playing contraption: an iron-wire chair that leaves room for the entire symphony of things you might want to have on hand while lazing away an entire afternoon in one. Here it is pictured with books, magazines, a bag for the storing of sundries, and a plant to talk to in case you get lonely.

Tomalik tells Design Boom that the chair is inspired by the feeling of being inside a pillow fort, one of the most "magic memories" from his childhood. All this very cozy-looking cage needs is a sheet draped over it and the effect would be complete.

That, and a wee pooch:

· Michael Tomalik sources childhood forts for cozy Idol lounge chair [Design Boom]