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$92M Reno of a Detroit Hotel Lobby Unveils its Former Glory

Recently, Detroit has proved it knows a thing or two about turning abandoned buildings into hip modern spaces, but the city's newly-renovated David Whitney Building is all about restoring glory of the past. Thanks to a massive (to the tune of $92M) restoration by developer David Di Rita of The Roxbury Group, the hundred-year-old skyscraper that has sat neglected since 1999 will soon reopen, this time with a spectacularly restored grand rotunda. The lavish four-story lobby, which preserves the original marble, mahogany, and terra cotta, features expansive skylights and a whole lot of gilded detailing, including a large golden clock. When the 19-story building finally reopens in December, a hotel will occupy floors two through nine, and 108 condo units will sit in the ten floor above.

Curbed Detroit has more photos.