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3,400 Sticks of Dynamite Sculpted This Crag-Filled Utah Home

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Location: Ivins, Utah
Price: $6,250,000
The Skinny: Designed in the "just fill it with rocks" school of organic architecture, this very geologically inspired home in the bedroom community of Ivins, Utah, has no shortage of interior crags. Surely it must be someone's idea of "Southern Comfort"—the title of its Sotheby's listing—in the same way that "3400 sticks of dynamite and 31 tons of structural steel were used when creating this 10,723-square-foot home among the property's lava fields and red rock" must be someone's idea of a selling point.

The curvilinear modern adobe-style thing going on on the outside makes its way inward by way of the "sculpted" ceilings; in the living room and the "five beautiful en suites," they're also crossed by peeled timber beams. "Luxurious baths," a sauna, "outdoor pools and grottos," a 20,000-watt generator, a "weather station," and a "theater room with Kaleidescope movie library" complete this very modern-Southwestern portrait, currently offered for $6.25M.

· 1500 E Split Rock Drive [Sotheby's]