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Airstream's New Classic Trailer Wants $121K for 5-Star Luxury

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Long celebrated with a cult-like following for its chic designs and icon status, the Airstream's Classic 30-foot trailer just got a remodel for 2015 and it's more luxurious than ever. Don't let the aluminum exterior fool you, the Classic now boasts cherry wood cabinets, Corian countertops, high-end stainless steel appliances and a comfy couch that features two recliners with power controls. Chasing the powder never looked quite this good before, what with the walk-in closets, backlighting, and roomy bathroom. Forget "camping," the Airstream Classic is more like a mobile luxury apartment and it comes with a similar price tag. Production for the new 2015 fleet is underway now, and the Classic starts at a whopping $121,720. Can't afford to own but still want some of that Airstream style? Check out this Denver-based rental company and live the "Silver Twinkie" life for a week or a month.

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