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Bill Murray Can't Get Enough of This Ancient Buddhist Temple

Bill Murray loves him some ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist temples. Asked, along with a handful of other famous actors, about an ancient site that has "wowed" him, he responded to Architectural Digest's Inquisitive Guest columnist with one word: "Borobudur."

Curbed was unable to confirm that the actor has been to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but going off of Bill Murray's well-documented acts of spontaneously popping up somewhere and being Bill Murray, he likely arrived in a golf cart, posed as a tour guide, proceeded to give a pretty good explanation of the site's mandala-like structure and cosmological symbolism, put in a plug for the local firewater, and hitched a ride back to his hotel.

Also, Cocker Spaniel puppy and Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington thinks Pompeii is "amazing."

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