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Canadian Pop-Up Restaurant Will Be Built on a Frozen River

Come winter the city of Winnipeg, Canada, will be home to a precariously placed fine dining establishment. The pop-up, called RAW:almond, will reside at the frozen junction of two rivers, the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, and calls itself "the first ever outdoor dining restaurant on a frozen body of water." Very Canadian. A British firm that specializes in lightweight, pliable architecture, OS31, recently won a competition to design the restaurant, which will not only sit on ice, but will also be buffeted by the cruel North Wind. The winning design is "sculptural like drifts of snow" with "an expressive frame that floats across the ice like a frozen jetty," said OS31 founder Tony Broomhead.

The restaurant will be led by the chef of the local slow food restaurant Deer + Almond, which serves things like "vodka tempura crudités" and "stinging nettle linguini." Although the frozen river restaurant will be heated, "don't forget to bring your long johns, toques and Sorel boots," its website implores. RAW:almond will open for business on January 22, 2015, and last until climate or season change shuts it down (so, like a couple of weeks).

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