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Wim Delvoye's Specialty is Making Architecture Skeletal

Renowned Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, whose provocative exploits include tattooing live pigs and installing a machine that turns food into feces, also harbors an enduring fascination with gothic architecture. Since the early 2000s, he's been toying with all the grotesque details of the Gothic style in a host of unexpected and intricately-crafted objects and structures. Kicking it all off is Chapel, a series of stained glass windows installed in Gothic structures that incorporate thousands of x-rays illuminating the most chilling details: bones, teeth, skeletons clearly engaging in sexual acts.
From there, Delvoye began reinterpreting what Gothic style means as architecture, casting haunting towers of metal as well as numerous life-size cement mixers, bulldozers, and trailers that look more like Gothic cathedrals in vehicle form. More recently, the so-called "bad boy" of the art world has gotten even more "twisted," creating sculptures with all the same freaky details but forcibly gnarled by who knows what. Take a look at some highlights, below.

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