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Rural English House is Wrapped in (Of Course!) Stainless Steel

Photos via The Modern House

Tasked with updating a 1960 one-story house in the pastoral market town of Godalming, British architect Jake Edgley made a bold move, wrapping the entire structure in shimmering stainless steel. The Wrap House, as Edgley calls it, sits on 2.5 acres, surrounded by gardens and lawns, so he felt safe giving most rooms in this 5,000-square-foot house large floor-to-ceiling windows that are practically flush with the outdoor landscaping. The house opens with a large entrance hall lined in eclectic art work and flows into a scarlet-hued contemporary kitchen, and a long wing that leads out to seven bedrooms, all cast in sunlight—or as much sunlight as England is wont to get. The ask? $4.6M.

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