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In London, a Full-Size Wax House is Slowly, Painfully Melting

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The latest piece by Alex Chinneck, deconstructor of building-shaped sculptures, is melting away right in front of the eyes of Londoners. At the end of September, Chinneck created a building out of paraffin-wax bricks on the site of an old candle factory, for A Pound of Flesh for 50p, part of the 2014 Merge Festival. By November 18, the piece will look more like a roof sitting atop a pile of stringy wax drippings.

Because the London weather at this time of year isn't the best collaborator for this kind of effort, Chinneck and his team are melting the visually convincing bricks with handheld torches to hurry along the process. Here's what the installation looked like at the beginning:

Head to Design Boom for more photos of the melting process up close, and a behind-the-scenes video showing how Chinneck prepared for the installation.

· Alex Chinneck melts two-storey wax house in London [Design Boom]