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St. Lucia's Lovingly Preserved Great House Dates Back to 1895

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High up on a hill in St. Lucia's capital city of Castries, the stately Belmont House doesn't have the "luxury resort"-type amenities (read: infinity pools and 13,000-square-foot yoga studios) found in certain celebrity Caribbean outposts, but it embodies island living perfection nonetheless. Now on the market for $1.5M, this 19th-century Creole great house is the long-time winter home of Academy Award winning writer Nancy Dowd, someone who clearly knows how to take care of a historic property.

Sitting on a 8.5-acre nature reserve populated with fruit trees and bamboo groves, the flawlessly-maintained four-bedroom house takes pride in its heritage. A highlight of the home, for example, is the wide 360-degree veranda, where the businessman who built the property in 1895 would stand and observe the harbor for incoming cargo ships. While the walls are looking cool and breezy in various shades of pastel, much of the original doors, shutters, louvers, floors, wainscoting, and more can be found throughout the home. More photos, below.

Photos via Crosby Doe Associates

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