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Two Years Later, Tracking the Wreckage of Hurricane Sandy

Two years ago today, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, and among the neighborhoods most seriously damaged were New York City's Rockaways, Coney Island, and Staten Island. Photographer Nathan Kensinger has been visiting these areas since the storm, and this week on Curbed NY, he traces how they have—and have not—recovered. In Breezy Point, a gated community in the Rockaways, residents have chosen to remain and rebuild, with many of the new homes built in just the past few months. Coney Island's Sea Gate, another private community, has had the opposite experience: a "nightmare" rebuilding process that has left residents without even necessary sea walls. In parts of Staten Island, the residents have chosen retreat, selling their homes to the government so that the land can be returned to nature.

The full story in photographs. >>