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No Joke, This Seussian Bench is Actually Called 'Hairy J. Blige'

Twin brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas, the irreverent and experimental designers behind the Haas Brothers brand, have added another piece to their Unique Beasts series, which is full of horned, legged, and fur-covered furniture. It's a bench that looks like a high-end realization of a Dr. Seuss animal, with cast-iron legs and protrusions of carved ebony. It's called Hairy J. Blige, and according to the Haas Brothers, it was made with "Salt N' Peppa Icelandic sheepskin."

Architectural Digest thinks this, and other pieces the Haas Brothers created for their upcoming first-ever solo exhibition, at the R & Company gallery in New York, may "prove their most mature and provocative yet." It should be noted that naming your furry bench after the '90s queen of hip-hop soul in no way precludes maturity of character or artistic achievement. Meet a few more of their Unique Beasts below:

Hairy Belafonte shares the same first name as his similarly lumpy cousin.

This stool is named Ed Bel-fur, no relation to the Canadian former ice hockey goaltender.

This piece, Edward Fur-Long, did not play John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Aaaaaand this one is just called Anna Nicole.

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