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American Horror Story's New Set is a Floral, Creeptastic Manor

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For all who were bewitched by last season's sultry New Orleans digs, take note: the lavish fictional mansion in American Horror Story: Freak Show is the latest, greatest history-horror home to get a big fat crush on. A little backstory: Gloria and Dandy Mott, its residents, are a co-dependent aristocrat and her (appropriately-named) overgrown sociopathic manchild of a son. Though the interiors are comprised of sets, a significant historical site called Longue Vue House, onetime residence to an offshoot of the Sears and Roebuck clan (as in the filthy-rich family that made a fortune starting the department store Sears), served as the Mott home's exterior location. Anyway, Gloria and Dandy may be pristine bluebloods outwardly, but in a show fixated on physical anomaly, the Motts are among the most grotesque of its characters—and the beauty of the house's interiors underscores that very fact.

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