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Watch a Classic Arts and Crafts Home Get a Psychic Reading

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As part of the Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House, a bunch of "experimental tours and dances, group naps, operatic bird beaks, seances," and general shenanigans put on by L.A.'s Machine Project event space, Pasadena's Gamble House got a psychic reading from performance artist Asher Hartman. Ever wonder how a historically landmarked Greene & Greene mega-bungalow feels about the people who have inhabited it over the years? Here's your chance to find out.

Here's a short snippet grabbed by Archinect about expanding wood:

"Wanting to stretch one's fascia, the wood wanting to expand, and the people inside being very minute in comparison with the wood's needs. It's almost as if the house itself is turning and emptying out all the residue of the people, wanting just to be free, free of the people, free of... the spoilage is the word that I'm getting, I just want to keep pushing out further and further and further, and as I do my own body just feels much much more relaxed." Visually, director David Fenster's work is a beautiful introduction to a classic American building style. All the architecture-based improvisation is something else entirely:

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