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Tom Cruise Lists Ranch with No Secret Bunker for $59M

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Actor and mid-to-high-level Scientologist Tom Cruise, who despite all that he has become in the eyes of his viewing public, still has few equals when it comes to the strength of his on-screen presence, has listed his Telluride, Colorado, home and the 298 acres it sits on for $59M. The Wall Street Journal article reporting this news makes no mention of the self-contained underground bunker Cruise was alleged to be building under the home, to protect his family from "alien attacks," so unless that is what the Journal means by "recreation room," it's probably safe to say he didn't build that self-contained underground bunker. The listing is not yet live (UPDATE: it is now; photos ahead), which means there's no way to properly vicariously pierce this Cruise sanctum (which is one of many) quite yet. That is, unless you allow yourself a trip back in time, to when Oprah did just that.

If Tom Cruise really did want to keep powerful inter-dimensional beings out of the home he spent "several years" having built from native stone and cedar—an allegation that seems to stem from a willful misunderstanding of Scientology's core beliefs, and how Cruise probably incorporates them into his life—this was his great failure: letting Oprah inside. To his credit, a lot was at stake back then. It was, as erudite readers will remember, his first sit-down with Oprah since the couch-jumping incident in 2005, when Cruise famously allowed his exuberance to get the best of him.

The segment, viewable in its entirety in a series of poor-quality Youtube videos, finds Tom taking umbrage when Oprah brings up the suggestions that his marriage to Katie Holmes was a sham, that Suri was not his biological daughter, and that he maybe shouldn't have made those comments about Brooke Shields using anti-depressants.

The bulk of it, though, is light and friendly. In it, we see: Tom and Oprah on the couch. Tom and Oprah in the kitchen. Tom and Oprah in Suri's playroom. Tom and Oprah—who seem to get a high degree of pleasure from being around each other, possibly because they're enormously successful and viciously criticized type-As who are secretly lonely in the same way—riding a snowmobile together.

Cruise: still, this writer holds, a joy to watch, down to the frame. His Telluride home: probably without an underground bunker. Pretty interior photos of this mysterious Cruise sanctum, which he is selling because he hasn't used it much over the past few years: on Curbed as soon as they become available.

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