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This Place Sure is Trippy for an 800-Year-Old Italian Castle

On a mission to transform old architecture through digital art, French artist Miguel Chevalier recently turned a 13th-century Italian castle into a trippy pixel paradise. In his latest project for a series called "Magic Carpets", Chevalier uses the surface of the castle's octagonal courtyard as the canvas for projecting a kaleidoscopic neon light display, just as he had done once before with a rectangular space in a 1930 Moroccan church.

The patterns here, of course, aren't random: the pixelated compositions pay homage to the mosaics that once decorated the castle's interior, while rippling curves reference the tapestry of the Middle Ages. Oh, and the work is also interactive: visitors alter the appearance of the graphics as they move throughout the space and put pressure on the floor. Take a look, below.

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