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Nantucket's Once-Haunted Gardner House Now Wants $9.5M

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Blame the ghosts. For some reason, Nantucket's once-haunted George C. Gardner House can't seem to find a buyer.

We first wrote about the circa 1835 abode on Halloween of 2012. Back then, the 8BR, 9BA was looking for $8,875,000, a major pricechop from it's original 2011 ask of $11,500,000. Alas, price fluctuations aren't the only thing to haunt this .56 acre spread. To refresh, the property was part of a bitter divorce in the 1990s that left the property so dilapidated it ended up becoming a must-see on the Nantucket Ghost Walk tour - cue cursed casa rumors of rattling silverware at dinner parties and strange footsteps in the night. Yet despite this eerie aerie's starring role on the haunted circuit, a 2005 top-notch restoration left the 141 Main Street too lovely for the tour. Apparently, "ghosts don't take kindly to renovation." Regardless, we included the 6,148-square-footer on our map of Cape & Islands' haunted houses. As for the asking price, it was sliced all the way down to $7,900,000 in April 2013, but was given a priceupper just last month to $9,500,000. Will that new price tag be a trick or a treat?
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