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Belarus' New Soccer Stadium Looks Like a Slumbering Python

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The dictatorship of Belarus just debuted a €40M ($51M) soccer stadium with a rounded edifice perforated by blob-like windows—a building that very much resembles a python. Designed by the Slovenian firm OFIS Architects, the 13,000-capacity aluminum-paneled stadium sits in a forested area of Borisov, a city of about 150,000 people. Thankfully the stadium does not have the effect of another recent snake-like building, otherwise known as the world's most frightening school.

It's hard to tell where the entrance actually is, but the creatively designed stadium will be turned over to local team FC Bate, and hopefully they have many fans, as the rounded dome is supposed to have great acoustics (along with a dedicated space for 'doping control'). According to the architect's website, "There are 250 seats reserved for VIP. Access to this area is via an elevator directly next to the entrance area with the option of a car driveway." Sweet.

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